Fighting Stigma

What is Mental Health Stigma?

Mental Health stigma stops people from feeling open to share their mental health struggles, and sometimes stops people getting help when they need it. It can be an unspoken rule to not share how you feel, and so it gets bottled up. Sometimes it is the negative things people say about those who face mental health struggles. Other times it is the negative attitudes or stereotypes of mental illness, which make people afraid to identify a mental health issue they deal with.

Our vision is to eradicate stigma against mental health in Gloucestershire. We want a county where every single person, from every walk of life, feels comfortable to talk openly about their mental health and get help when they need too.

Every time someone talks openly about mental health, they are helping to fight stigma.

Talking Mental Health

What is Glos Talks?

GlosTalks is Gloucestershire’s Campaign to end stigma against Mental Health. With your help, we want to eradicate stigma against Mental Health in our county. Every person who shares their mental health story is helping to fight stigma for others. We want you to join our movement, spread the word, and share your story!

This movement came out of the work of the Gloucestershire Tackles Stigma Steering Group, which includes over a dozen Mental Health organisations. It is now growing to include people, businesses and community organisations from all backgrounds in Gloucestershire.

Join the Movement

What You Can do to Help Tackle Stigma

Partner With Us

Make it Public That your Organisation Champions Mental Health

Becoming a Glos Talks partner is very simple. You commit to being an organisation where people can talk honestly about Mental Health. We champion you for making that commitment!

To Become a Partner, Email:

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