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When i was just seven years old I first remember saying to my parents that I wanted to die. I did not like myself, even at that young age, and therefore I saw no point in continuing to live. For me it was simple, for my parents totally distressing.

Throughout primary and secondary school I battled feelings of self loathing and self hatred. I felt suicidal for much of that time. Sometimes there were triggers to these feelings, sometimes it would just hit me like a wave. Each day was a battle and one comment from another person could affect my whole day, week or even month.

At 27 years old, 20 years after telling my parents I wanted to die, I realised that something had changed. I felt loved, I felt I had a purpose in life, I felt like I could make a difference! We started Kingfisher Treasure Seekers the following year.

I am passionate about not letting others go through that experience alone. I am passionate about walking with people through the hard times, offering hope when they can see none. I am passionate about the power of community, as that is what made a difference in my life. I believe in the power of encouragement, the sense of purpose discovering talents and gifts can bring.

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